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Your recruiter is your best friend. Here’s why.


Did you ever have that dream company you’ve always wanted to be in before you joined the work force? What makes it “dreamy”? The most basic factors are having good compensation, benefits and company culture. Other experienced jobseekers look into the market share these companies hold, the kind of industry they’re in as well as the training they can provide employees. The list goes on, but these factors are the top of mind reasons we consider in joining a potential employer and hopefully grow our career with them in the long run.


I recently read an article on business insider on the confessions of employees in Google abroad hate about working in their company. The fact that these employees hate something about this ambitious tech company which was mentioned in the article as a career haven is actually mind boggling at first until you have read the rest of the article. As it turns out, this company sought after by a lot of people isn’t so perfect after all.


Here’s the problem most recruiters encounter. In interviews, there are some candidates who decline opportunities from companies off-the-bat because of something they have heard from friends or something they saw in the news. Some of these are companies were known for being slave drivers, they would work you until you run dry. Others are even known for bad recruitment experience with candidates. Another common thing is the negative culture or possibly, hard-to-work-with superiors. These deal-breakers have a high possibility of being true. And given how easily people can share this negative information on companies, it is sad that some candidates neglect opportunities that may actually even be beneficial to them despite the unpleasant things they have heard about these said organizations.


All companies have their own quirks. Some even have been pushed to bankruptcy, closing or have negative recruitment branding in the past. In reality, there is no organization where everyday, there’s just rainbows and butterflies. Nothing is perfect. It’s a matter of aligning your priorities to the company’s goals when you look for a potential employer. Example, Companies who are at the top of their industries tend to have people work longer hours. Why? That’s how they stay on top. People go the extra mile and push harder than those working their competitors. So if you’re at the point of your career where you don’t want to be expected to work longer hours, this isn’t your cup of tea. Competitive companies love competitive talent.  Plain and simple.  So when exploring opportunities, think hard of what you really want in your next organization. Talk to your recruiter more and do research. Don’t let the negative things you hear about these companies hinder the possibility of you landing a great job you would enjoy in. For all we know, these negative feedbacks could even be subjective and outdated. Companies do change on a faster pace than we expect.  The best way to verify this would be plainly asking about it during the interview or when you simply chat with your recruiter. It won’t only help you verify the things you want to know from a reliable source, but it would also show how interested you are about the organization. Lastly, be the change. Be that employee who sparked positive change when you join these organizations. Let us help you in changing these companies for the better. Send us your most updated CV at






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Co-Founder/ Managing Consultant

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