I’ve been recruiting for companies for more than 10 years. I won’t say I’m the best in the industry nor the one with the best achievements. All that matters now is, I’m happy with what I do. Here’s the top 5 reasons why I love Recruiting:

  1. Recruiting helps me meet and know more people. This might come as a shock, but I’m generally an introvert. Recruiting gives me that opportunity to reach out to people without having to worry about being rejected or avoided. Recruiting enables me link to the best and the brightest talent in different industries and know the stories behind all their achievements.
  2. Recruiting gives me the opportunity to build organizations and people’s careers. Through placing good people with our partner companies, seeing them be the spark of positive change in their companies gives me great satisfaction. Not to mention having our clients and candidates really happy too.
  3. Recruiting makes me strive more. Dealing with candidates who have impressive profiles makes me think and positively challenge myself to achieve feats equal to or better than theirs.
  4. Recruiting gives me the need to be updated in everything. Whether it be industry trends, talent movement or which direction a company is moving towards, I love to keep myself updated in all of these. You would be amazed to know the things you can learn from the candidates you talk to.
  5. Recruiting gives me a reason to talk about anything. Going back to being an introvert, there are times I’m afraid to ask questions. Recruiting helps me get over that. It gives me the license to ask anything under the sun. I can practically ask anything that I feel is important my clients should know about the candidate. This usually leads to interesting conversations. I like interesting conversations.


Now that you’ve heard mine, what do you love about your job? If you haven’t found the answer to that question, let us help you. Send us your most updated CV. We got you covered.



Jerome Sanvictores

Co-Founder/ Managing Consultant

Talent Tree Solutions


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