Long before Kelly Clarkson turned it to a song, I have always shared with people about a quote one of my favorite mentors told me: ‘What can’t kill you will make you stronger’ which was originally from Friedrich Nietzsche. This has been a personal mantra for me which I continue to share with friends, clients and candidates I deal with.

I, for one was not someone who’s always known to be decisive and know exactly what I want in things. I even learn things the hard way most of the time.  From college up to where I am now, I could say most of these milestones were consequential. That doesn’t mean I’m a slave of consequence or I just wait for things to fall on my lap.  I’ve lost many battles than I could win to get where I am. I probably even made other bigger opportunities pass. That hasn’t stopped me from moving forward. One key element in achieving the goals in your life or career is being persistent. We will always encounter challenges and make mistakes. How we conquer them is what’s important. As you might have read in one of the past articles we shared, mistakes are not just wasted time. They are actually better looked at as learnings. At least you know what works and what doesn’t.

Some of us were lucky enough to get to their goals on the first try. But others, would have made hundreds of bad decisions before making it work. That in my personal opinion, makes it more worthwhile. You get more takeaways the more mistakes you have made. This is not to justify that making mistakes in our lives and careers as a good thing. I meant to point out that we shouldn’t be afraid to make mistakes and learn from them. Just make sure, you don’t commit the same mistakes again.

I leave you with a challenge to not let past mistakes get the best of you. There will always be a silver lining to the setbacks we encounter. Persistence is the key. It always helps to think on your feet and be happy with yourself and what you have accomplished.


Jerome O. Sanvictores

Co- Founder/ Managing Consultant

Talent Tree Solutions, Inc.

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