We’ve been talking about elements of success for the past year. Given all the wins that we all enjoyed, there are still things we couldn’t do yet or can’t do at all which we need to go that extra mile. Most of us are blessed with fortitude to muscle it out on our own and achieve what we want. But not all of us are so blessed. There are things we really can’t do on our own or we are stubborn enough not to admit we just can’t. So what happens to these things we can’t do? We can’t just sit back and admit defeat. These is where your network of peers and professionals come in handy.

I remember one learning session I had a few years ago about discovering one’s strengths. I asked the trainer, “given all these strengths I have, what about those I don’t have but the job requires?”. He replied, “the answer is simple- you outsource”. This is true especially to the culture in the Philippines which is very service driven. Nowadays, there are a lot of vendors for different functions. You’ll never know if someone in your network can help you with a work hurdle unless you ask. This is mainly why crowdsourcing, or these online directories became so popular nowadays. This is even true with research. If you’re thinking about researching about a topic at work, there’s always a good chance that someone has done it already. It’s just a matter of using the right keywords on your google search or finding the right person to talk to. I’m not telling you this to make you use outsourcing as an excuse to all your problems. All I’m saying is, if you can’t do something yet, don’t be a slave to consequence and wait for the apple to fall of the tree. You can always ask for help from service providers or within your network. But that doesn’t mean you have to ask for help forever. Learn, adapt and move forward.

Jerome O. Sanvictores

Co-Founder/Managing Partner

Talent Tree Solutions

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